‘GLOW’ Season 2 Is Bigger, Bolder, and One of the Year’s Best Shows

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The premise and the promise of the first season of GLOW, the Netflix series about the making of the very real 1986 women’s wrestling TV show GLOW: Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling, was all about the exhilarating vertigo that comes with taking a leap of faith from the top rope. Answering a casting call from washed-out horror film director Sam Sylvia (a compellingly disdainful Marc Maron) and his spendthrift golden boy financier Bash Howard (the excellent, high-energy Chris Lowell), a group of “unconventional women” transformed their career desperation and low self-esteem with a strange mixture of courage and determination into a unique piece of entertainment. GLOW’s gorgeous (if not glamorous) ladies had nothing to lose, and that made all the difference. 

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