A Captain, a Joker, and Some Cats: Quentin Tarantino’s Latest Hollywood Saga and 24 More Movies We Can’t Wait for in 2019

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It’s the least wonderful time of the year: awards season stupidity is in full swing (thanks, Hollywood Foreign Press Association); studios are quietly releasing first-quarter loss leaders into theaters (sorry, Escape Room); and you’ve already read through every critic’s 2018 10-best lists (including Barack Obama’s, which looks suspiciously similar to The Ringer’s). What we need are some new movies worth talking about, and until the first batch of potentially intriguing premieres arrives later this month via the Sundance Film Festival, the only way to get our fix is via a big, sprawling preview feature. Note that not all of the movies on this list are guaranteed to be in theaters before December, but the heaviest hitters, including Quentin Tarantino, Greta Gerwig, Jordan Peele, Claire Denis, and Martin Scorsese, have release dates. But 12 months from now, we think this list will be useful for those sorting out 2019’s most crucial viewing experiences.

Manuela Lazicringer, essay