The Twitter Account That Wishes You Well

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Earnestness on the internet fights a tough battle. With social media turning every human being into their very own brand—and giving brands an opportunity to seem more human themselves—no one can be blamed for taking any and every tweeted statement with a grain of salt. Yet even today, as allegiance to TV shows and cinematic universes has become a substitute for having a personality, some online declarations can only be explained as genuine expressions of unadulterated feelings. Jessica Dore, a 33-year-old writer, therapy graduate student, and tarot card reader living in Philadelphia, is the recipient of many such tweets, in which people make themselves vulnerable by thanking her for how much she has helped them manage their mental and emotional health. I am one of these people. But beyond the personal aid I get from her work, I also appreciate how she presents a better way to use social media. In a digital sea of political anxiety, unruly cultural debates, and addictive negativity, @thejessicadore is one of the healthiest and most beneficial Twitter accounts I have ever encountered.