‘Alcohol Makes You Stupid': Gaspar Noé Sums Up His New Film ‘Climax’


With his formally bold, often violent and drug-fueled movies, the Argentinian filmmaker Gaspar Noé has been shocking cinemagoers for years. Following the traumatizing Irréversible (2002), the trippy Enter The Void (2009), and the daringly explicit Love (2015), this year sees his return to the Cannes Film Festival with Climax. Co-produced and co-financed by Vice Studios, the film is a techno musical set entirely at a dance rehearsal space in Paris. Shot in 15 days, Climaxsees an assortment of real-life dancers losing their minds over the course of the film due to a mysteriously-spiked sangria. What begins as a fun trip quickly descends into a surreal and exhilarating cautionary tale.